To me the empty canvas means the beginning of a journey into the unknown. During my journey I focus on the process and the new experiences I always get during the creation of a new painting rather than what the finished product should look like – simply because I don't know at the onset.

I might have an idea of what the result should be, but during the process of working with the canvas new insights and new directions always lead me to steer away from my initial ideas. I find this process greatly rewarding, and it always results in a final painting that in one way or another develops from nothing into something, which occupies a legitimate space in a room. In the process, I also acquire new knowledge of the materials and their reactions to my manipulation of them. And on a more personal level, the process moves me through a mixture of stages where reflection, creative thinking and childish spontaneity are dominant forces. Thus, in the work of painting, I go through periods of inner silence and focus, analysis and criticism as well as regular play with the material. One thing, however, I constantly try to avoid are restrictions. 

Some artists may feel it important to evaluate the color scale used and thereby creating consistency in the colors through a specific palette of varying intensity in tones. I do not put such restrictions on myself. I let the image, the canvas and my imagination control the process, and it often results in a wild mixture of colors and tones. But this might be me some years ago. Recently, which should also be evident when you start observing my paintings, I have moved in a new direction. Maybe I am getting more mature? Or maybe I just feel I have exhausted the possibilities or the allure of colors – most probably only for a brief moment in time. Thus currently, I am investigating new possibilities in the lack of colors. Using only black and white tones in my creations to create new and fascinating effects and moods. 

Feel free to observe the results of the thousands of hours I spent in the study exploring the colors or lack thereof, the textures and my imagination in the pictures below. If you want to buy one or more of the paintings, please feel free to contact me.