COLOR & SYMMETRY! 2014 - 2015



Colors; they are amazing! They can influence our mood. They can make us feel happy. Sometimes they can seem even palatable. Deep red –  the color of blood! And also the color of love. Add red to a painting and you immediately get a dramatic effect. Tone it down a bit and it can have a tranquil effect – it can remind us of the sunset or maybe of candy floss. 

I love colors. They do not need any explanation. Just use them and they tell the story. They are the message. One way I like to use them is generously. Add layer upon layer with colors, and not necessarily colors that usually complement each other. 

By just experimenting with a seemingly cacophony of colors I believe I am able to create a unique message. But to me an image also needs some kind of harmony. It needs to have some sort of balance. The eye needs to be able to rest. The way I achieve this is by supplementing the colors with strokes and abstract shapes which somehow plays well with the respective explosion of color.

The myriad of color needs shapes and forms which help contain and balance out the chaos – it's like yin and yang, like black and white like abundance and moderation.