No matter how many experiences I gain from art, I always feel myself becoming surprised by other people's thoughts and ideas.

I learn a lot when I look at how other individuals unfold their creativity. New impulses and alternative thoughts help me to grow not only as a man but also as an artist. When meeting other artists, I may discover new ways of combining colors, ways to be more productive or ideas for new projects. Therefore, I , as often as possible, participate in new projects. When someone asks me if I can decorate a festival spot or help make a pedestrian street more colorful and vibrant, I almost always say yes.   

Out in the so-called reality potential exists! There are possibilities. Possibilities for exposure of course. But also possibilities for playing with materials and the spaces in the city. There is massive potential for getting new and crazy impulses from others too. Therefore, you are most welcome to contact me – e.g. if you have a dream of creating a paraphrase over Taj Mahal in the marshes of Sønderjylland, or if you want to establish a graffiti festival in Aalborg or something totally different. Maybe I can contribute with my thoughts and ideas. Below you can see some of the projects I have previously been involved in, as well as see what events I'm participating in in the future. Hope to see you sometime, somewhere!


*Rolls Royce (Silver Shadow) 1976*

*Lykketrold Fundraiser*

*Michelle Vesterby (Cannodale Pro)*

*Donation for TjørringHus*